October 22

Rain Day Fun

PlayDateSEA offers up entertainment for kiddos and wine, beer, and Wi-Fi to parents and caregivers.

PlayDateSEA (1275 Mercer St.) is a working parent’s dream. Part play space and part coffee shop, this neighborhood gem is a refuge for school closures, cold and rainy days, and really just about any occasion for kids needing unstructured play time.

The large seating area holds more than 20 tables and dozens of chairs, ample room for parents and caregivers to bust out their laptops and get some work done or socialize with other adults while the kids explore the three-level play space. Multiple slides, ball cannons, interactive dance floors, and plenty of features on which to climb and crawl will keep young ones occupied for hours on end.

What makes PlayDateSEA a great stop for families is the range of food and drink options—we’re not talking about standard black coffee and granola bars here. Snack on a hummus or charcuterie plate, tator tots, shoestring fries, gyros, and more. Heartier bites include 14-inch pizzas (with house-made crust), chicken wings, and salads. And of course there’s a kid’s menu for smaller appetites (think hot dogs, chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, and more). Wine and beer selections complement the full coffee menu.

Watch for special events like fairy magic shows on Friday nights and laser tag on Saturday nights. PlayDateSEA also offers private party packages for birthdays and other celebrations.

PlayDateSEA is open Sunday to Thursday, 9am to 8pm, and Friday and Saturday, 9am to 9pm.


Weekdays (half-off through summer)

Ages 3 and under: $8
Ages 4 and up $12

Weekends & Seattle Public School Closures

Ages 3 and under: $12
Ages 4 and up: $18

Adults are always free.

Story and photographs by Ethan Chung.

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