South Lake Union

Recent Stories

The Renaissance in South Lake Union

MOHAI hosts the West Coast premiere of a groundbreaking and interactive Da Vinci exhibit.

Help Local Students

PEMCO’s Supply Surge returns July 19 to August 6.

Free Wheeling

Bike (or skate) your way through South Lake Union.

Cool Summer Fun

Beat the heat with Lake Union activities like stand-up paddle boarding, charter tours, and more.

Sample All The Beers

Tapster in SLU encourages patrons to be self-serving.

It’s Dad’s Day

Celebrate the father figure in your life with gifts and experiences from SLU.

Durable Goods of Lasting Quality

Leather artisan Hardmill sets up shop in SLU.

Omakase, Please

Japanese food fave Momiji opens a stunner in SLU.

COVID-19 Research in South Lake Union

Three questions with Dr. Rachel Bender Ignacio, Medical Director of the COVID-19 Clinical Research Center at Fred Hutch.

No Boohooing Here

Stylish pet brand Boo Oh pops up at Periodic in South Lake Union.

Dine Al Fresco

SLU’s restaurant patios are abuzz as warmer weather approaches.

All About The Burgers

SLU serves up some of the best in the city.


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