South Lake Union

Recent Stories

The Victor Tavern

A new Ethan Stowell restaurant in South Lake Union.

Up Close and Personal

A new MadArt Seattle exhibition draws the audience in to public and private spaces.

Italian Luxury Pops Up in SLU

Designer fashion brand Tonya Hawkes anchors an all-women collective at Periodic.

Into the Fire

Despite a global pandemic, glassybaby continues to shine (and give back).

Set Sail

Late summer activities at The Center for Wooden Boats.

Volunteering in South Lake Union

Lend a helping hand to neighborhood nonprofits this summer.

What’s new at Winston Wächter Fine Art

Simple lines, color, texture, and more are on display at this neighborhood gem.

A Little Bit of Pike Place in SLU

The Express Market returns to the neighborhood.

The Renaissance in South Lake Union

MOHAI hosts the West Coast premiere of a groundbreaking and interactive Da Vinci exhibit.

Help Local Students

PEMCO’s Supply Surge returns July 19 to August 6.

Free Wheeling

Bike (or skate) your way through South Lake Union.

Cool Summer Fun

Beat the heat with Lake Union activities like stand-up paddle boarding, charter tours, and more.


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