January 5

Why Yoga?

DRIFT Yoga + Juice Bar owner Vivian Duelli shares some wellness tips for the new year.

DRIFT Yoga + Juice Bar is a stunning full-service studio located at 1251 Harrison Street in South Lake Union. Yoga became an anchor for business owner Vivian Duelli when she used to be a long-distance runner.

“It wasn’t just a physical practice; it became a sanctuary for my mind. The breath control and mindful movements not only complemented my running, improving endurance and flexibility but also brought a sense of mental clarity and balance,” she explained.

Today, yoga remains an indispensable part of Vivian’s life. We chatted with her about the health benefits, her favorite drink for the juice bar at DRIFT, and wellness tips for the new year.

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Discover SLU: Why is yoga so important to you personally?
Vivian Duelli: It has seamlessly evolved from a running companion into a lifelong practice. Beyond the physical benefits, it continues to be a cornerstone of mental well-being, promoting resilience, focus, and connection with the present moment. Embracing yoga as a lifelong practice has proven invaluable, providing not just a fitness routine but a holistic approach to enduring well-being.

DSLU: Why did you choose to open DRIFT Yoga?
Vivian: My yoga journey ignited a passion to share the benefits of yoga with others. The aspiration to open a yoga business stems from a deep desire to make this practice accessible to everyone, enabling them to experience the impact it had on my life. I knew right away when I discovered yoga that I wanted to share the benefits of it with everyone someday and so I had to work hard and save my money to open this space. Through the years I was in the corporate world, I observed, learned and experienced different studios when I was home and through my travels as well.

I wanted a space that served everyone to fit yoga in their busy schedule hence I came up with 45-minute classes during the day and the 60-minute classes mostly as our last class of the days and on weekends when most have the time to practice a full hour. I also wanted to make everting easy for the clients-my studio has a full service where we provide the mats — this makes it easy for everyone to just walk in and not have to worry about carrying their mats across town. Of course, if someone wants to bring their own, they can too — we note all of that in our system. Lastly, I wanted a space where everyone felt at home the minute they walked in and feel connected to the community, our DRIFT family.

DSLU: Why would you recommend yoga to someone who hasn’t practiced it before?
Vivian: For its mindful approach which cultivates self-awareness, aiding in emotional resilience and mental clarity. Yoga adapts to various fitness levels and can be tailored to individual needs, making it accessible for everyone.

DSLU: What’s your favorite order from the juice bar?
Vivian: Green Tree Kale for sure! I wanted a green juice on the menu, and I worked hard to put the recipe together making it tasty for all pallets. It’s pure and not mixed with water.  Every ingredient in it you can taste — it’s very well balanced. It’s so nourishing and refreshing!

DSLU: Can you share some wellness tips for 2024?
Prioritize self-care. Making time for self-care is crucial for overall well-being. Whether it’s indulging in a favorite hobby, taking a leisurely walk, or practicing mindfulness through yoga or meditation, allocating time for self-nurturing activities rejuvenates both the mind and body. This intentional self-care routine serves as a foundation for managing stress and promoting mental health.

Surround yourself with supportive relationships. Cultivating meaningful connections with friends and loved ones is essential for emotional wellness. Spending time with people who uplift, support, and genuinely matter can provide a strong support system. Positive social interactions contribute to a sense of belonging, reduce feelings of isolation, and contribute to emotional resilience. Nurturing these relationships fosters a supportive environment that positively impacts mental and emotional health.

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DRIFT is kicking off the year with plenty of membership options, which includes special classes such as Sound Baths and other workshops, which are normally an extra fee.

DRIFT features 45-minute classes perfect for busy schedules and 60-minute classes if you’re looking more time. The studio offers mats and spot savers, and the Juice Bar is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning to mid-day, and weekends from 9am to 1pm.

Interview by Ethan Chung; Photos courtesy DRIFT Yoga + Juice Bar

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