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Check out these three summer art exhibits in SLU

Immerse yourself in the diverse and vibrant art scene of South Lake Union this summer, as the neighborhood hosts three stimulating art exhibitions that span a range of styles, themes, and sensory experiences. From the boundary-pushing abstract works of Chris Trueman to the celebration of Pacific Northwest artists via the Neddy Artist Award retrospective, and the multisensory exploration of Nate Clark’s “(In)Form”, there’s something to engage every art enthusiast.

“Dividing the Light”

Winston Wächter Fine Art Seattle is hosting its inaugural solo exhibition with Los Angeles-based artist Chris Trueman, “Dividing the Light”. Trueman’s captivating and complex compositions represent a fusion of the digital and physical worlds, offering viewers an invitation to contemplate the layered nature of our contemporary reality. His intricate paintings promise a mesmerizing exploration of texture, depth, and the elusive dance between illusion and physicality. Winston Wachter West Gallery, through August 19.

gallery with paintings

“Celebrating Pacific Northwest Artists: 25 Years of the Neddy Awards”

The legacy of Robert E. [Ned] Behnke is celebrated in an exhibition showcasing the works of the Neddy Artist Award recipients over the past 25 years at Cornish College of the Arts. This unrestricted award, one of the most significant in the Pacific Northwest, has propelled the careers of many visual artists in the Puget Sound region. The retrospective exhibition, curated by Negarra A. Kudumu, allows audiences to engage with the personal and artistic evolution of these lauded artists. Museum of History and Industry, $22 for adults, $18 for seniors, $17 for students and military, free for youth 14 and under, through November 5.

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It’s your last chance to see “(In)Form”, a multisensory experience designed by Vashon-based artist Nate Clark. Through the use of various materials and laborious techniques, Clark’s work aims to foster mindfulness and presence. From the aroma of cedar and wool to the acoustic alterations offered by hand-formed wooden domes, the exhibition connects the senses and encourages a holistic interaction with art. Clark’s creations, rooted in his rural life on Vashon Island, offer an introspective experience, highlighting the therapeutic potential of physical awareness and artistic creation. MadArt Seattle, free, through July 29.

gallery with art installation

Need more art in your life? Download the Public Artworks Guide to browse the many public artworks on display throughout South Lake Union. These pieces stir up conversations, and reflect the neighborhood’s rich history, and provide a sense of place for those who live and work in the area.

Story by Ethan Chung. Photos courtesy Winston Wachter, MOHAI, and MadArt Seattle/James Harnois.

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