Bringing art into our lives in unexpected ways.

MadArt’s mission is to support emerging artists in our community, to bring art into our lives in unexpected ways, and to create community involvement in the arts.

Open by appointment or during exhibitions. Check the website. 

Since 2009, MadArt has served as a catalyst for new and unexpected artworks in Seattle by providing artists with opportunities to create large-scale installations, such as Mad Homes (2011), Mad Campus (2015), and Middle Fork (2015). Through both on-site and off-site exhibits, MadArt gives artists an avenue to the public and the public access to art. MadArt’s mission is to support artists in our community, to bring art into our lives in unexpected ways, and to create community involvement in the arts.

MadArt Studio is a large-scale artists’ workspace and private event venue located in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood, just north of downtown. As a contemporary art space, large-scale sculptures and installations are periodically in-progress or on display, and can add a unique bit of character to your affair. Featuring the building’s original brick facade and walls alongside exposed beams and floor-to-ceiling windows, MadArt Studio provides a distinctive yet versatile space for a variety of gatherings, including corporate meetings, intimate dinners, and cocktail soirees.

Constructed in the 1920s, the original brick storefront was once a car dealership and later a DMV where the first driving tests were conducted. Nearly a decade later, this historic building has once again been re-imagined with the help of celebrated Seattle design firm, Graham Baba Architects, this time as a hub for unique events and artistic innovation. Nearly 3800 square feet, a full kitchen, and high ceilings make MadArt Studio the ideal location for a reception of up to 225 guests (150 seated), or a celebratory meal with your closest friends and family.

Upcoming Events

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May 11 - August 1

Casey Curran Exhibit

Casey Curran received his BFA in painting and sculpture from Cornish College of the arts in 2006. He has completed several large-scale public works in partnership with Skanska Architects, MadArt, Facebook, Oculus Rift, and Security Properties. In 2010 and 2013, Curran was awarded the NY Sculpture Space residency twice, and has received multiple awards in artistic merit since. In 2008, Curran become a key collaborator in the internationally recognized performance art group Saint Genet developing large-scale interactive sets, which have been exhibited at The Guggenheim Museum in NY, The Kunsthalle Museum in Krems, Austria, Luminato Festival in Toronto, Canada, and Frye Art Museum in Seattle, WA. Curran is currently developing a series of works which explore our psychological relationship with nature.

June 19 - August 1

Parable of Gravity by Casey Curran

Seattle-based artist Casey Curran combines elements of mythology, science, and religion to foster a conversation around humanity’s goals and visions for the future on Earth. In this exhibition, Curran incorporates several large sculptural elements, including a suspended aluminum asteroid inspired by an image taken on Galileo’s mission to Jupiter, as well as a rectilinear formation of scaffolded wooden towers, and an otherworldly kinetic garden that appears to be  growing up and out of the work. This installation is a parable of a landscape in transition: a decomposing environment that nurses the new life it brings forth. It is a display of both decay and growth, referencing the unstoppable momentum of significant human advancements that are capable of shifting our cultural paradigm.

Open Studio:

May 12 – June 17

Tues-Fri, 12-5pm

Opening Reception:

Thursday, June 18

Exhibition Period:

June 19 – August 1

Tues-Fri, 10am-5pm

Sat, 12-5pm

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