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Winston Wächter is a fine art gallery and art consulting firm with exhibition spaces in Seattle and New York City.

The gallery specializes in the acquisition and placement of contemporary and 20th Century works of art. Established in 1995 by Stacey Winston Levitan and Christine Wächter-Campbell, the gallery’s mission is to assist clients with the intricacies of acquiring works of art. Stacey and Christine bring with them a depth of knowledge and over twenty years of experience in the art community. The gallery represents over thirty contemporary artists who work in a variety of media including painting, photography, sculpture, and printmaking. In addition to gallery artists, Winston Wächter Fine Art also assists in secondary market placement of modern and contemporary masters.

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May 31 - August 3

Peter Gronquist SEARCHER

Peter Gronquist is a multimedia, multidisciplinary artist. If you ask one to “describe the work,” the answer is never simple. Gronquist uses ceramics, painting, VR, 3d printing and video to express a common thread of exploration. For Gronquist, it is the endless possibilities in the creation of art that interests him most. He has no rules and does not tie himself to any outside expectations. In his exhibition Searcher, Gronquist explores light as an added material to his paintings. Using Plexiglas as part of the work rather than protection for it, he plays with the way light is reflected and projected off the matte surface of the paintings. His paintings seem to glow from within. Further playing with the sense of what is and what is not, Gronquist adds led lighting to some but not to others. With each painting we are compelled to stop and absorb.

Alongside his paintings Gronquist shares his series “A Visual History of the Invisible.” In these works he again uses a natural element, air, to express his curiosity. This series attempts to capture the shapes and constant presence of the wind. His large-scale outdoor fabric installations are filmed digitally, creating a mesmerizing presentation of the rhythm of the wind. Smaller scale fabrics are caught mid flow and preserved in resin and silver nitrate. The forms play with both light and air. They are Gronquist’s limitlessness encapsulated. The wonder of the natural world is clear throughout the Searcher.

Born 1979 in the United States, Peter Gronquist lives and works in Portland, OR. He attended the School of Visual Art New York and received a BA in painting from San Francisco Art Institute in 2001. He has exhibited in New York, London, Miami. Peter’s work has been published in GQ Magazine, Hyperallergic, Wired and he was recently named one of the top 15 new artists to collect by Business Insider.

June 8, 1:00 pm

Claire Partington Exhibit Opening Reception

Winston Wachter Fine Art is pleased to present a West Gallery exhibition of new work by London-based ceramic artist Claire Partington. Partington’s ceramic figures delight in a synthesis of historical characters, myths, fairytales and folklore.  Her figures exist in a world that blends genres and time periods to present historically informed, contemporary and socially conscious works.

With the hand of a formally trained sculptor, Partington creates exquisite figures, clothed in an 18th Century Marie Antoinette-style dress, paired with Adidas sneakers, gold chains and carefully placed Chanel logos. Partington plays with our attention to status cues, now and then, and how we identify our tribes.  Her work seeks to explore the subtle mutations of the timeless narrative of the haves and have-nots, as it morphs and changes with each retelling and altered context.

As Partington explains, subjects and themes explored in her work are drawn largely from the European tradition of “appropriation and reinterpretation (or misinterpretation) of “exotic” styles that can be seen in National Collections across the world.”  Partington relishes in borrowing from many styles, themes, disciplines, time periods and countries – blurring the lines of styles and meaning.  The resulting sculptures present an intriguing and fantastical story of traditional and contemporary visual narratives.

Partington’s powerful exhibition Taking Tea is on view in the Porcelain Room at the Seattle Art Museum through 2020. The first contemporary artist to exhibit in this space, Partington’s exhibition explores the dark historical themes surrounding the tea trade such as forced servitude, shipwrecks and the exploitation of international trade routes that resulted as the demand for tea increased. Claire Partington graduated from London’s Central Saint Martins with a degree in Fine Art Sculpture. Her work has been included in several museum exhibitions, most notably the Victoria and Albert Museum.

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