February 25

Continuing Education

Find enrichment with adult classes in SLU.

Looking to express your artistic self? Want to elevate your cooking but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’re ready for a career change and need some local classes to get you started. The South Lake Union neighborhood offers all those enriching experiences and more.

Check out these fun and educational classes offered in person in SLU and online.

Up your chef game

Good news, foodies: Tom Douglas’s Hot Stove Society is back to doing in-person instruction. Some classes cover necessities like knife skills, while others dive deep into specific cuisines. You can learn from guest chefs like Trey Lamont of Jerk Shack or take classes from Hot Stove Society’s own chef Annie Elmore. She teaches everything from Hungarian classics to dim sum brunch. Bonus: if you’re interested in sticking around after your cooking class, Hotel Andra offers a discount for attendees. hotstovesociety.com/classes

Spread of dim sum on a table.

Jump start your art

Cornish College of the Arts is a true neighborhood gem. The institution focuses on educating students who have aims of becoming working artists. If that path isn’t for you, but you want to focus some time on a passion or hobby, Cornish has plenty of options for continuing education and enrichment. Its extension program recently relaunched and has included courses like Scientific Illustrations, Illustrating Comics and Narratives, Redesigning Retail, and more. cornish.edu/extensions-programs/

Botanical illustration showing various flower blooms.

Print your heart out

The COVID-19 pandemic took a heavy toll on businesses and organizations in SLU and beyond, but in that turmoil came a sort of rebirth for the School of Visual Concepts’ popular letterpress program. SVC donated its equipment to help form a new venture called Partners in Print (PIP). Its Long Distance Letterpress classes offer learnings for specific topics in the medium. Since these classes are virtual until gathering in person is totally safe, lovers of letterpress can attend from anywhere in the world. Upcoming classes include subjects like Provisional Press Printing, Uncommon Color, DIY Photopolymer Platemaking, and more. partnersinprint.org/classes-events

Make a career change

Bored with your current nine to five and looking for something new? The Northeastern University campus in SLU offers masters- and doctorate-level academic programs ranging from IT and Computing, Leadership and Management, Law and Criminology, Engineering, and more. In addition, you can explore Northeastern’s special undergraduate residency program, Global ConnEXions, which is all virtual and project based. https://seattle.northeastern.edu/admissions/

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