El Corazon

One of Seattle's premier music venues.

With countless all ages shows and music of all styles. There is always something for everyone!

Mostly we are a rock venue. Rock N’ Roll. Punk Rock. Indie Rock. Hardcore. Metal. Sweater Rock. Emo. Math Rock. Experimental. Post Punk. Electroclash. You name it. We also dabble in electronic and hip hop, but we are always experimenting and expanding our horizons.

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Small music venue & dance club for psychedelic, rock & hip-hop, plus spoken word & performance art.


Combining sleek comfort and futuristic decor with breakthrough advances in motion picture technology, Cinerama opened just a year after the World’s Fair came to town. Over the decades, it became a favorite venue for Seattle moviegoers of all ages, from families to Star Wars buffs who camped out in line for weeks before a premiere.