August 6

What’s new at Winston Wächter Fine Art

Simple lines, color, texture, and more are on display at this neighborhood gem.

The summer exhibitions at Winston Wächter Fine Art are full of intriguing pieces, but they’re also an interior designer’s dream. Both Order and Chaos (on display through August 28) and Imaginary Artifacts (on display through September 18) are a feast for the eyes.

Order and Chaos is a group exhibition featuring works by Iván Carmona, Andrew Casto, Michael Schultheis, Audrey Stone, and Chris Trueman. Each of these artists present works that portray beauty and elegance in the simplicity of line and color and convey dynamic energy created through layered gestural marking. The exhibition in a mixture of sculpture and paintings.

Fine art exhibit of modern art.

Fine art exhibit of modern art pottery..

Artist Matt Gagnon is joining Winston Wächter Fine Art for a second solo exhibition called Imaginary Artifacts. The formally trained architect showcases his stunning light stack sculptures.

“The Light Stacks is an ongoing series mining the emotional frequencies of color, material and texture. Marks from a formalist who wants to be a poet. The process involves incessant additions and subtractions in search of moments where materials harmonize in unexpected combinations. Endlessly nonlinear and open to distraction the stackings, directed towards the same vertical conclusion, become vestigial columns from misplaced memories. The question I ask over and over while making these—will this material sitting on this material change how this light will feel, present itself, and stand in a room,” said Gagnon, in an artist statement.

Fine art exhibit of modern art.

Each of Gagnon’s light stacks are made from materials like hand-blown glass, concrete, and varieties wood.

If you’re in the market for new art, pieces from both exhibits are available for purchase. Browse the full catalogues for Order and Chaos and Imaginary Artifacts

Viewing of the gallery at Winston Wächter Fine Art is available by appointment Monday through Saturday. If you’re interested, reach out to [email protected]

Story by Ethan Chung & photographs courtesy of Winston Wächter Fine Art.

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