July 23

The Renaissance in South Lake Union

MOHAI hosts the West Coast premiere of a groundbreaking and interactive Da Vinci exhibit.

This summer, Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) patrons will have the opportunity to step back in time to the Renaissance for a hands-on experience with some of Leonardo da Vinci’s greatest creations. Da Vinci — Inventions comes to MOHAI from July 31 to January 3, 2022.

This limited engagement allows visitors to push, pull, crank, and interact with the artist and inventor’s many machines. Created by Grande Experiences, the exhibit will showcase the breadth of da Vinci’s work, allowing visitors to gain insight into the artist’s genius and the scientific principles behind his inventions.

Patrons viewing exhibit of Da Vinci's drawings.

Visitors can experience 16 themed areas of da Vinci’s work. The Da VinciInventions exhibit includes:

  • Replicas of Leonardo’s most famous codices
  • Anatomical studies
  • The Battle of Anghiari drawings
  • Displays of his renaissance art in actual size
  • A high-definition recreation of The Last Supper
  • Animation presentations of the Vitruvian Man and the Sforza horse sculpture.

MOHAI also plans a few digital experiences to complement the Da Vinci – Inventions exhibit, including a Curator’s Lecture (September 9, $15 general, free to members) and a talk called “In the Spirit of da Vinci: Innovations from the Northwest” (September 29, free / $10 suggested ticket price) that will cover the many transformative inventions to come out of our region.

MOHAI recommends all visitors book their experience in advance. Tickets are $22 for adults; $18 for visitors ages 65 and older; and $17 for students and military. Admission is free for youth ages 14 and under that are accompanied by a chaperone but note that there is a maximum of five youth admitted per chaperone.

Story by Ethan Chung & photographs courtesy of Grande Experiences.

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