September 22

Recap: Seattle Seahawks Kick Off the Sea

The team hosted a block party to get fans hyped for the season.

With last year’s playoff run still fresh for many fans, the Seahawks are back and hungrier than ever for success in 2023. To celebrate the start of the season, the Hawks brought football fun to South Lake Union in the form of a block party on Thursday, September 7.

Day 1 Playfield transformed into the ultimate Seahawks Block Party. 12s showed up in droves and were treated to a day filled with entertainment and surprises.

Pulsating beats filled the air as DJ Supa Sam spun his magic, setting the perfect ambiance for a day celebrating Seahawks fandom. Matching the beats with their moves, the Seahawks Dancers enthralled the crowd with mesmerizing performances.

Cheerleaders playing with dogs.

A football themed block party.

The event became a walk down memory lane as Seahawks legends graced the party. Orlando Huff, a former Seahawk standout, signed autographs and relived moments with fans. Marcus Trufant, another revered Seahawk, added a touch of fun, showing off his mini-golf skills to fans. Marshall Glaze from “Love is Blind” also made an appearance and was photographed alongside Blitz, the Seahawks’ enthusiastic mascot.

In addition to the block party on September 7, fans got to bask in the generosity of the Seahawks, who sponsored free beer on September 10. Eager 12s flocked to various bars across the region to partake in this offer, with Art Marble 21 in SLU being one of the top crowd-pullers.

The neighborhood is full of spots where you can watch the Seahawks, Huskies, Cougs, and more play football. Be sure to check out Local Public Eatery, Flatstick Pub, Tapster, and other neighborhood favorites to get your fill of football.

Story by Ethan Chung.

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