May 21

No Boohooing Here

Stylish pet brand Boo Oh pops up at Periodic in South Lake Union.

If you’re into the very best for your pets head to Periodic: A Popup over the next few weeks to check out Boo Oh, a pet brand offering up minimalistic yet sophisticated essentials. Seattle artist and industrial designer Jay Sae Jung Oh started the brand when she couldn’t find pet products that fit the style and needs of her beloved French bulldog, Boo.

You can find beautifully designed feeding kits, leash and collar sets, bowls, bags, and more on Boo Oh’s virtual shelves and in person at Periodic.

“All of our products offer a wide range of specific features that focus on function and aesthetics with the promise to elevate experiences for our customers,” said Jay.

But are there any customer favorites?

“One of our popular walking kits is the Ray harness. It is a utility patent-pending all-in-one system that allows you to not only mount and dismount on a dime but also provide maximum comfort for the user’s hand and the animal’s chest because of the soft inner cushion core inside the Rayon synthetic silk weave. When it comes to the feeding essentials, our Mogo feeding kit comes into the spotlight. Bowls, scooper, spatula, and a tray are all made with FDA-compliant materials that are used in baby and medical products created with health and safety in mind for your pets. Each particular product has its own set of clever little features that our customers need and enjoy.”

French bulldog with light brown fur and a red harness.

Stylish, modern pet bowls and human serving tools for pet food.

If you don’t have pets but still appreciate gorgeous design, the pop-up is must-see. And be sure to  supplement your visit to the shop with a browsing of Boo Oh’s website, where you’ll find a fun, curated playlist roundup and an eye-popping look book (have you ever seen a giant lizard lounging on an office chair?)

Boo Oh is open at Periodic: A Popup Shop (2252 Seventh Avenue) through May 30.

Story by Ethan Chung & photographs courtesy of Boo Oh.

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