interior of the collective space

Step into a world of endless possibilities. The Collective is a diverse community of doers, of people with passion, people who love beauty of thought, design, and life.

While interests, professions, status and education serve only as labels, The Collective’s members are defined by their value sets. The Collective members bring passion, purpose and commitment to their everyday lives, no matter how they decide to live them. The membership-by-invitation experience supports the creation of a community that is greater than the sum of its parts, relying on committed, participative citizens for its foundation.

The physical space which houses The Collective is comfortable, functional, adaptive and professionally operated. The space acts as both a basecamp and a launchpad to foster interaction and meet the dynamic needs of The Collective’s members and their endeavors. Think less skyscraper penthouse and more old-school public house, or repurposed warehouse. The atmosphere generates a palpable energy that sparks creativity and drives positive member experiences. The facility is a flexible space with ample room for a broad array of activities. Members collaboratively and continually design the space they want to inhabit.

Nourishment is the backbone of The Collective. The breaking of bread together is perhaps the oldest shared tradition of humanity, and it provides an intimate opportunity to create and nurture enduring relationships. The fare at The Collective is designed to nourish mind, body and soul, and serves as the ever-present backdrop for creative collisions and peak experiences. Here, you’ll find dishes that are local, fresh, seasonal and organic. Come enjoy the literal and figurative breaking of the bread with us.