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For a complete list of UW Medicine’s School of Medicine academic departments and programs, please see the School of Medicine website.

Researchers at UW Medicine’s continually expanding biotechnology and medical research hub in the South Lake Union (SLU) neighborhood of Seattle are working to develop life-changing therapies and medical breakthroughs. The SLU site includes five lab buildings, including the Rosen and Brotman Buildings, and an administration building that houses computational lab space and meeting venues.

In late summer 2016 construction began on an 8 story clinic and research building which will house retina and diabetes clinics, 5 floors of basic science and related clinical research labs, a 150 seat auditorium and a UW Neighborhood Clinic providing primary care services.

Now housing over 1,200 scientists and support staff, the SLU complex is cutting-edge in researching areas that include:

Allergy and infectious disease

Cancer vaccines

Cardiovascular Imaging


Diabetes and Obesity


Kidney Disease

Lung Biology



Mitochondira and Metabolism


regenerative Medicine


Vision Sciences

These areas are supported by biomedical research centers that cross organizational and disciplinary lines. All centers and institutes are examples of a new paradigm in biomedical research; collaborating together to solve particular problems.