woman using theragun on patient

Move Better, Feel Better, Be Better.

Our stretch specialists use hands on active stretching to open and expand your muscles and fascial tissue. This freedom connects the dots to help you achieve maximum performance in life. You will be lead on the path from where you are to where you want to be.

Twenty two degrees is the key to human movement. This angle is our starting point, we free up and expand your muscles and joints so you feel better from the inside out. From this 22 degree launch point, you can experience a 180 degree shift in your perspective, and a 360 degree multi-dimensional shift in your body. Freedom of movement in your body can change how you relate to everything – your health, performance, work and relationships.

We know that you set the bar high; at Stretch 22 we help you reach new peaks. Take your health, wellness and performance to the next level. When your body gets stretched and opened up, your mind follows. New physical and mental opportunities become realities. Get Stretched Today!