Photo of a dog with black and brown spots in front of a blue wall.

Our mission is to make the world better with pawsport photography and to educate and promote pet adoptions to end dog meat trade in Asia.

The world is a big place, made smaller, we donate the talent of photography to deliver happiness around the world. You haven’t experienced true love until you’ve had a pup and they haven’t experienced true love until they’ve met the right family. High rate of pet abandonment and limited number of shelters in South Korea force many beautiful lives to be euthanized.

Say Woof partners with local rescue organizations in South Korea to take pawsport photos to advocate adoptions to overseas. The partnered organizations are deeply involved to end the issue of pet abandonment and dog meat trade.

Say Woof is also partnered with local shelters and organizations in Seattle. 10% of every profit made is donated to help to fulfill the needs of local shelters.

Small deeds come together to save a life. Small deeds become a community to save the world.

Let’s say woof, take pawsport photos and save lives together.