Drop the needle on Moxy Downtown and you’ll have the vibrancy of downtown Seattle spinning you round and round. Our crew of local roadies will help you create the soundtrack of your stay while you flip through stacks of vinyl. Grab a drink at the bar while you’re weighing your choices between the Center for Wooden Boats, Washington’s History & Industry Museum or the world’s most famous Banana Stand (next to the Bluth’s of course).

Play On: Ready for a good time? Moxy Hotels makes that easy with the heart of a boutique hotel and an appetite for adventure. There’s a drink waiting for you with your room key and someone at the bar that wants your number. Moxy is for play… Jenga, karaoke, maybe a little game of spin the bottle? Here, you can get away with it.

Plus, the WiFi is speedy, beds cushy and freshly made, but more importantly, the bar is always open and the crew is always on. Whether you’re staying for the night or a nightcap, Moxy is your place to PLAY ON.

We Want You To Have It All: You’re new in town and you want to make a trip to remember. We totally get that. So we’ve made sure the time you do spend at the Moxy is jam packed full of more fun than you thought you could have at a hotel. From yummy snacks and drinks, to games, to art, to secret hiding spots, to comfy couches to doze off in. Our lobbies are like living rooms with a bartender. Our guest rooms are like a cozy clubhouse you never want to leave, where you curl up in soft sheets, stream your favorite movie from our white-hot WiFi and cocoon for as long as you want. Because, #atthemoxy we want you to have it all.

We’ve Made Sure We Look Damn Good: We’ve done our homework. Or rather we gave it to some of the best design teams around. We asked them to get nosy and discover what people love, play with or couldn’t care less about, while at a hotel. That’s how we found out that most people never use their closets. And, while we’ve kept room for your stuff, we nipped more than a few solid inches for a sweet 42” TV and an even sweeter bed.

We also discovered that, like us, most people won’t waste a moment on instant coffee. That’s why we brew fresh joe downstairs in the lobby. There we’ve got you covered 24/7, with grab- and-go bites, low tech play time, and crafted cocktails. #atthemoxy there’s everything you would expect, and plenty you wouldn’t, from a boutique hotel.

Marriott Rewards: Moxy is part of the world’s best loyalty program. There’s no point in missing out. Get connected and earn rewards right away.