Graphic rendering of a hotel room interior with a view of a downtown city.

Experience the future of hospitality at the brand new Astra Hotel, Seattle.

Honoring the Innovators: Featuring 265 guest rooms, 5,000 total square feet of meeting and event space, three distinct eateries, including a cool and scenic rooftop bar and lounge, downtown Seattle’s visionary Astra Hotel stands apart among other luxury hotels in Seattle, as the embodiment of technology that inspires, innovation that ignites, and the creative spirit that drives our every intention.

Our Location: We are an illuminating and welcoming stronghold of tech-forward hospitality located at the center of South Lake Union’s urban oasis, amidst the excitement and ebullience of Amazon HQ, downtown Seattle, and the iconic waterfront.

Our Story: Pioneered by the spirit of forward thinkers, Seattle and South Lake Union have been hubs of progress and industry for more than a century.  Capturing this notion of timeless innovation, Astra Hotel taps into its proud heritage: the optimistic spirit of 1960’s Seattle.

Our Mission: Astra Hotel honors creatives, entrepreneurs and innovators, near and far. It’s a visionary place for collaboration, modern disruption and elegant transitions that are fueled by breakthrough ideas, mindful moments and meaningful connections.  It is a place where the seamless juxtaposition of art, nature and technology has a lasting impact.  Yes, it is hospitality…but elevated, intuitive and imaginative.  It embodies the highest aspirations of our technology and interdisciplinary pursuits without ever losing sight of the human spirit that drives them all.

Our Promise: Innovation is at the center of our being, but our approach to “aha moments” differs from the crowd.  Our Hotel offers comfortable spaces, mindful moments, and the ability to establish meaningful connections; both person-to-person and with technology.