Hot Stove Society

Cooking school operated by Tom Douglas Restaurants

Our goal is to offer a curriculum that ranges widely from light-hearted and sociable to skill-building and challenging. Our classes are about many things from how to cut up a chicken, to how to build a delicious cocktail, to finding out who’s the hottest chef in Portland. Whether you’re seeking something fun and boozy after work or you’re aspiring to “cook like a pro,” you’ll find your dream class here.


As a chef and restaurateur, Tom Douglas is self-taught, not classically trained. Tom has always considered his “taste memory,” combined with years of tirelessly dining out in great restaurants, as his education. On the other hand, since his high school days as the only boy in Home Ec (on the plus side, he got to meet girls; on the minus side, his football team mates called him “Cream Puff”), Tom’s passion has been learning and teaching all things culinary. Tom and his staff ran a week-long intensive “Tom Douglas Culinary Summer Camp” for seven years and have offered some cooking classes at the Tom Douglas Restaurants for the last twenty years. These experiences affirm our belief that people want to cook and be connected to the food they eat. Hot Stove Society is our personal quest to educate everyone who has the desire to become a better cook – whether they want to learn how to brew a perfect cup of coffee or butcher a whole pig.


Built with the help of our friend, the hotel’s owner, Craig Schafer. The presentation area boasts a wide curved prep area where guests can gather for lectures and get up close to the instructor. The other half of the room is filled with Boos work tables, a large bank of KitchenAid stoves, and racks of equipment. Capacity is 32 for a hands-on cooking class and over 60 for lectures. The classroom is also available for private events and company team building. At the entrance to Hot Stove, a Tom Douglas Restaurant called the Andra Bar, a cool Swedish bar open to the public, is the place for a drink and a snack. If you take a class at the Hot Stove Society, the hotel has generously offered a 20% discount on their best rate for those taking a class. Simply click here to book your room for the evening of your class.

Tom Douglas has been a high profile Seattle restaurateur for over thirty years, and Tom and his crew have forged strong relationships as longtime boosters of Washington wineries, craft breweries, local farmers, cheese makers, food artisans, and others in the local food community. For class instructors, Hot Stove Society will draw on the entire chef staff of Tom Douglas Restaurants including Executive Chef Eric Tanaka. Keep an eye out for Tom himself as instructor of a Hot Stove class about once a month. In addition we will bring into play our many industry friends locally and regionally as well as nationally and internationally. As a Hot Stove Society class member, you get an insider’s look at the restaurant community. Sign up for a hands-on class so you can touch, smell, taste, and experience for yourself. We can’t wait to cook with you!

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