Do you struggle creating images that fall short of your artistic vision?

Wish there was a way to make sure you have the image refined and in the bag before you move on to the next product or look?

This event will start with the benefits of shooting tethered, and getting the shot correct in camera so your workflow and editing time is reduced. Also there will be an overview of the gear used or needed. What is also exciting about this class is Bryan will do two shoots demonstrating the power of being a tethered shooter. First session will be a tabletop product shoot and second a portrait session.

There is no way I can produce images with fine detail and sophistication without the ability to see my images in real time on my computer. Tethering is the one piece of equipment I added to my shooting that has unlocked my best work.” Bryan

Attendees will learn

1. Benefits of shooting tethered on your workflow
2. What you need to shoot tethered – The tools
3. Showcase of Profoto B1, B10 and A1 Lighting system
4. Live Demonstration of a product & portrait shoot
5. Next steps and Q/A

Having lighting equipment that gives you the quality of light and fine tuning ability when it matters most on set is one of the main reasons I choose Profoto equipment.” Bryan

** Attendees will receive a coupon for $25, which can be used towards products from Tether Tools & Profoto!**About Bryan Welsh:PPA M. Photog., Cr., CPP, API. FP-OR

Both his clients and peers recognize Bryan Welsh, a second-generation photographer, for his creative stylized photography.

He has received numerous merits and awards in image competitions on both a local and national level that include – PPA Loan Collections, Fuji MASTERPIECE Awards and Kodak Gallery Awards.

His images and articles have appeared in Studio Photography and Professional Photographer magazine(s) as well as used in Nikon’s advertising.

Bryan has the Master of Photography Degree & Photographic Craftsman Degree from Professional Photographers of America. He is a PPA Certified Professional Photographer and has the Fellow of Photography Degree from the Oregon Professional Photographers Association.

Tickets can be purchased here for $25.