It’s free. It’s fun. It’s arty. It could smash your toes.

On Friday August 9th, we’ll be rolling out the green Astroturf carpet for 20 of Seattle’s top design firms and in-house groups, as SVC’s Letterpress Steamroller Smackdown steals the show at this year’s South Lake Union Block Party.

They’ll be printing oversized letterpress posters made from hand-carved lino plates with the not-so-subtle assistance of a 5-ton steamroller (just like you’ll see in this video from last year). Meanwhile, you’ll show them who can design a cool poster at our Plein Air Printing Parlour as you print your own (admittedly) smaller letterpress poster using SVC’s antique wood type and linoleum blocks.

Did we mention this letterpress fun is completely free? Why can’t all of life be this good?