MadArt welcomes you inside to explore Aperture, their latest exhibition by New York-based artist Ian McMahon. In this installation, McMahon is creating sculptures from more than 5,000 pounds of cast plaster that appear to be billowing, pillow-like structures corralled by wooden beams. These forms directly respond to the building’s architecture, mirroring and expanding off of the studio’s central mezzanine.

While in the making, we invite you to stop in for special open studio workshop events we’re holding on January 16 and 17. If you can’t attend but would like to arrange a studio-led tour with your office, school, staff or otherwise, please reach out to us ( 2 0 6 ) 6 2 3 – 1 1 8 0! We would love to host you for a fun and interactive visit to connect you directly with the artist and their process.