landscape painting

Winston Wächter Fine Art Seattle is pleased to announce Basin, our first exhibition with Portland-based painter Adam Sorensen.

Opening Reception: Sat, May 11 from 4-6pm
Exhibition Run: May 9-Jun 22, 2024

Using historic landscape painting as a lens to view our current relationship with a changing, yet invariably sublime natural world, Sorensen creates idealized fantastical environments. The works in this exhibition all echo each other compositionally.  The wall-like mountains of the mid-ground form a vessel, supplied by the waterfall of the foreground. The static viewpoint from the watery ledge, promotes a forward facing perspective, while also eliciting a feeling of uncertainty from the cresting cascade below. Is the basin below filling up?  Are we being pulled into it, or are we safely looking over it and into the endless sky?  Time, change, uncertainty, hope, dread, and peace all mingle in these metaphorical pools, much like our current relationship with the world around us.