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Winston Wächter Fine Art Seattle is pleased to announce our first solo exhibition with Canadian artist Alva Gallagher.

Opening Reception: Sat, Mar 16 from 4-6pm
Exhibition Run: Mar 16-Apr 27, 2024

The icescape wall sculptures of Into The Deep find Gallagher interrogating the symbiotic relationship between the sea and the human condition. Cast resin forms mimic a preternatural stasis of half-frozen lakes, caught in their endless flux as currents and temperatures ebb between seasons. Gallagher assumes a similarity between internal change and the natural world’s cyclical yet ever-evolving patterns, fixating on infinitesimal moments within landscapes that inform our own emotional growth. Using the motif of breath as a rhythmic, repetitive life force, Gallagher presents ice covered scenes of implied movement as a reminder to stay in tune with the moments between the waves, just under the surface.