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Geometric pattern with bright colors created by artist Marela Zacarías

MadArt Studio presents Inside Out, a sculptural installation and mural series by Brooklyn- and Mexico City-based artist, Marela Zacarías.

An abundance of color and pattern line the perimeter walls and surround the exhibition’s centerpiece: a wooden rendering of the emblematic Temple of the Feathered Serpent from the Meso-American archeological site in Xochicalco, Mexico near Zacarías’ family home. Within the pyramid hangs a suspended figurative object titled Cihuacoatl, a plaster sculpture dedicated to the mythological Aztec goddess. Zacarías’ conceptual inspirations are rooted in mythology and her cultural identity. In Inside Out, she considers tales of past civilizations and reimagines them in a new narrative on how to overcome our modern-day challenges.  For more information, please visit here.