artwork close up

Winston Wächter Fine Art Seattle is pleased to announce our sixth solo exhibition with painter Tracy Rocca.

Opening Reception: Sat, Jul 13 from 4-6pm
Exhibition Run: Jul 10-Aug 31, 2024

The works in Flooded capture the overwhelming arrival of light— a literal flooding of visual information, delivered through sun-soaked, abstracted compositions. Rocca finds inspiration in the simple act of looking up; her work captures the hope we feel when clouds part in everyday skies, and the potential to find beauty anywhere. The paintings are rich with sunlight filtering through clouds, showcasing a specific depth and luminosity characteristic of Rocca’s body of work.

Working by natural light in her New Mexico studio, Rocca paints slowly and methodically as she builds up thin veils of brush-applied paint over several months. In past series Rocca has explored themes of nature through landscapes. Here, she shifts her view to the composition of the sky and fine details in the clouds. By balancing the familiar and the extraordinary, Rocca’s work resonates as both an everyday occurrence and a spectacle, akin to the rhythms of sunrise and sunset.