artwork close up

Winston Wächter Fine Art Seattle is pleased to announce our third solo exhibition with painter Philip Govedare.

Opening Reception: Sat, Jul 13 from 4-6pm
Exhibition Run: Jun 26-Aug 17, 2024

His new body of work, Under The Sky, expands Govedare’s excavation of human-altered landscapes, atomizing agricultural fields, quarries, and stormy horizons into imaginary scenes. Distantly removed from the earth, as though viewed from a departing airplane, the slightly abstracted perspectives register as cross-sections of overlapping impressions and practices on the land. Roads and waterways jut into adjacent fields of expansive, dust-swept greens and chalky limestone formations. The angular, morphing components within Govedare’s paintings cohere together as the incalculable sum of the human and natural forces acting upon our earth.

“My paintings are not based on actual images, but rather a composite of places I have seen and experienced over time. They combine aspects of observation, memory, and imagination. My imagery is not preconceived but found through the process of painting. The outcome of my process is always unexpected, and therefore revelatory.” — Philip Govedare