Accounting for Photographers: Bookkeeping, Washington Taxes, and Federal Responsibilities

Learn the foundational principles of getting your business accounting organized, understanding Washington taxes, and learn about your Federal tax responsibilities.

1. Banking

  • EINs
  • Document management (what do you have to save and how)
  • Systems recommendations
  • How to get help

2. Deductions, generally

  • Meals & Entertainment
  • Home Office How-to
  • Auto How-to
  • Retirement accounts
  • Federal entities
  • How to get help

3. Collecting sales tax and local rates

  • Digital photographs
  • Sitting fees
  • Portraits
  • Events
  • Licensing
  • Photography for hire
  • Videography

Bring your notebook and pen to take notes!

Ticket price is creditable for any services booked with Timber Tax Co.

Luke Frye, CPA

Inspired and armed with an incredible sense of integrity, our other co-founder Luke’s one of those people you’d call ‘salt of the earth’. Inspired to bridge the gap between business owners and their finances, Luke’s genius is his ability to make sense out of a financial statement, in turn guiding our clients how to do the same.


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