Admiring Abstraction

The newest exhibit at Pivot Art + Culture examines how artists use color and pattern to illustrate the world around them.

Dance of Flowers

In a shop filled with stunning arrangements in charming vases and a host of charming succulents, Verde & Co.’s Meridith Isaacson talks blooms, bouquets, and ballet.

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Healthy grub and cool gear.

Veggie Grill

Behind each veggie-filled dish is a story that starts long before that first bite. It all begins with like-minded people we love—those who go the extra mile to grow the best ingredients out there. Once those fresh ingredients reach our kitchen, we take our time to make each dish right.

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April 15 - July 23, Pivot

Color & Pattern

Color & Pattern opens on April 15, 2017 and runs through July 23, 2017 and will present paintings, drawings, sculpture and ceramics.

Drawing from the extensive Paul G. Allen Family Collection, Color & Pattern explores the compositional elements of mark making to create pattern, color to compose, and abstraction to organize. The exhibition includes works that are representational, like those by David Hockney and Philip Taaffe where the viewer can easily recognize the subject matter, and works by abstract artists such as Agnes Martin and Mark Rothko, whose paintings draw little reference from our natural world.

Highlights from the show include modernist works by Robert Delaunay and Wassily Kandinsky, who responded to the growing impact of science and technology by developing a new visual language. Mid-century painters Sam Francis and Roman Opalka pursued form and emotional connection through abstract expressionism, while Squeak Carnwath and Jasper Johns embrace the sensibility of pop culture. Works by Damien Hirst and Frank Stella challenge perceptions of the picture plane itself, and Spencer Finch, Guillermo Kuitca, and Johnny Yungut Tjupurrula deal with the passage of time. The exhibition also includes selected works by Tomory Dodge, Anish Kapoor, Adam McEwen, Robert Natkin, Elmer Schooley, and Robert Sperry.

During Color & Pattern, visitors will also have opportunities to engage with regional artists through a wide-ranging program of tours, talks and events. More information on exhibit programming will be on the Pivot Art + Culture website closer to the opening date.


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65 Feet

height of the climbing wall at REI flagship store