Yellow map graphic outlining a trail route in Seattle.

Market to MOHAI


Stretching from Pike Place Market to the Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI), Market to MOHAI is an  engaging pedestrian corridor connecting Seattle’s Waterfront, Belltown, Denny Triangle, and South Lake Union neighborhoods. The corridor serves residents and visitors alike as they commute to work, shop, and enjoy this vibrant, evolving city. The goal of this walk is to share some of the history of the landscape, which the Duwamish people have called home for thousands of years.

Two components guide pedestrians along the Market to MOHAI Corridor. Quotes underfoot on pavement tiles reflect life in the city. Interpretive panels – history blades attached to light posts -reveal a nugget of Seattle history for each point along the trail.

Use the custom Google map found on their website to chart the progress of your walk along the corridor. Enjoy four parks along the way. You can also find background information on the authors of each of the 75 tiles and the stories behind the 46 images of Seattle history shown on the history blades.

Sidewalk Tiles – Seattle Public Library staff provided quotes with themes of cities and urban environments, including walking, nature, waterways, mountains and markets. Quotes relate to the locations in which you find them, so you will find nautical/boating themes near Lake Union and the waterfront and market themes near Pike Place Market.

History Blades – Curated by Seattle’s MOHAI, interpretive panels highlighting a related moment in Seattle’s history are attached to light posts along the way. The other side of the panel will mark your progress along the corridor.

History Link’s Guided Tour – Written by History Link’s network of experts in local history, their easy-to-use self-guided walking tour offers additional insight to Seattle’s history along the Market to MOHAI corridor. This tour has been meticulously researched and richly illustrated.

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