June 2

SLU is Picture Perfect

Glazer’s co-owner Rebecca Kaplan talks photography, analog, and PhotoFest 2023.

How does a local camera shop remain a strong business with the proliferation of smart phone cameras, Instagram, and TikTok? Throw in a global pandemic and you might find it difficult to imagine how it could thrive. But Glazer’s Camera is doing just that.

“I feel really fortunate that we’ve been nice and busy. Photography was one of those hobbies that people really leaned into during the pandemic. So many of us needed to destress with a creative outlet, and lots of folks picked up photography during that time,” said Rebecca Kaplan, co-owner at Glazer’s Camera.

Kaplan and the team at Glazer’s Camera embrace all types of visual storytelling. She’s found that Glazer’s gets new customers who make good use of their smart phone and are ready to make the jump to a dedicated camera system.

“More photos are being taken now than ever before. What inspires me is what our customers go and do out in the world. It doesn’t matter how you get an image; visual storytelling is universal.”

Glazer’s Camera recently wrapped up its first ever Analog Week where it hosted open houses, partnered with different film meetup groups, and held photo walks, print swaps, and swap meets. Kaplan explained that she’s seeing a big resurgence in film photography and likens this interest to the popularity of analog music and record collecting.

man speaking in front of crowd

“We live such digital lives, but it’s nice to unplug with film sometimes. It can be exciting and challenging that you have maybe 24 or 36 chances to capture the image you want. This interest is really driving the used and vintage camera market too,” she said.

If you want to learn more about photography in general or have some specific skills you’d like to pick up, check out their workshops. Looking for some special attention? You can even book one-on-one sessions.

Head down to Glazer’s Camera this weekend to check out PhotoFest 2023, which is its largest sale period of the year. The event features free workshops and photo walks, gear demos, giveaways, free prints, and more.

Story by Ethan Chung and photos courtesy of Glazer’s Camera

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