April 16

Rustek Collective

Wood inlay skateboards and more pop up at Periodic in SLU.

With a focus on quality and sustainability, the folks at Rustek Collective create handcrafted wood inlay skateboards, longboards, and phone holders in its Portland-based studio (which is more of a mobile shop trailer, according to the website). Rustek Collective also partners with other craftspeople in the maker community to offer goods made of wood, leather, and wool, and other organic materials.

You can shop for these artisan products at Periodic: A Pop-Up Shop (2252 Seventh Ave.) through April 24.

Founded by brothers Clayton and Myles Hume, Rustek Collective aims to bring the beauty of nature back into everyday life.

“It started with the mission to make a better-looking skateboard. But rather than covering up the natural wood grain with paint and making them look like every other board out there, we wanted to create something that looked different, focusing on the natural beauty of the natural wood from which they were made,” Clayton said.

From there, Rustek Collective’s wood inlay process was born. The Collective’s offerings continued to expand with phone cases, trucker caps, and more.

Man and woman looking at wooden skateboards in a store.

Woman looking at wooden handmade phone cases and tumblers.

“We stipulate that every product we release has to innovate in its category and exceed standards for function and durability. So, we put everything we make through a pretty strenuous process to make sure we’re 100 percent proud of the outcome,” he said.

The brothers only source wood that has been Forest Service Certified, which ensures that products made from it come from responsibly managed forests that provide additional benefits other than the end product. These could be environmental, social, or economic benefits.

Speaking of benefits, Rustek Collective commits to plant a tree with every order. Feel good about supporting craftspeople while helping the environment, too.

Periodic: A Pop-Up Shop, is open at 2252 Seventh Ave on Monday through Thursday and Sunday from 11am to 7pm and on Friday Saturday from 11am to 9pm.

Story by Ethan Chung and photography by John Vicory.

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