January 14

Now open: 203° Fahrenheit Coffee

SLU welcomes a new spot for your daily brew.

Celebrating its grand opening in the Google building on Boren in SLU, 203° Fahrenheit Coffee represents everything owner Alen Fikic feels has been missing with coffee shops. A veteran in the specialty coffee industry for nearly 20 years, Fikic explains that sometimes coffee shops have great service, but a boring interior. Or other times they offer up a tasty cup from aloof baristas.

Exterior photo of 203° Fahrenheit Coffee.

For Fikic, 203° Fahrenheit Coffee fills all the gaps.

“I’ve always had a love for fashion, architecture, music, design, and culture, and I wanted to just bring all of those together into a space that’s well thought out, elegant but simple. It’s been our goal as a company from day one to offer a space that’s elegant but downplayed and welcoming. Of course top it off with the latest greatest coffee equipment and technology, the best coffee, and fantastic service” he says.

Woman reading a book and sipping a coffee drink inside a well-appointed coffee shop.

What else stands out about 203° Fahrenheit Coffee? For one, you won’t find watered down or super saccharine coffee drinks here. The shop doesn’t offer drinks larger than 12 ounces, opting to really lean into the flavor of its brews.

“We want people to have the true coffee experience. Aside from freshly brewed coffee, we serve cappuccinos, cortados, and the like. And we do know that beyond the coffee people do like flavors. It’s just that we’re not focusing on anything that’s too sugary,” Fikic says.

All the ingredients for the drinks served at 203° Fahrenheit Coffee are made in-house, including its vanilla syrup made from Madagascar vanilla beans, chocolate latte with cocoa powder from Italy, and its own whipped cream. Fikic says they are obsessed with controlling all the ingredients that go into their drinks, so all shots and syrups are weighed and measured.

Watch for seasonal drinks curated by the staff, like a campfire latte finished with a marshmallow.

And, if you’re curious about the name, 203 degrees Fahrenheit refers to the optimum temperature for espresso extraction.

203° Fahrenheit Coffee is open daily from 7am to 5pm at 610 Terry Avenue North. Be sure to follow the shop on Instagram for seasonal menu changes, updates, and other coffee news.

Story by Ethan Chung & photographs by Andrew Storey.

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