June 23

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Nate Clark’s (In)Form Exhibition: A Multisensory Journey of Mindfulness

If you’re looking for summer art experiences, check out local artist Nate Clark’s (In)Form exhibition at MadArt Seattle. Clark’s sculptures, crafted from cedar and wool, create a multisensory landscape that promotes reflection and mindfulness. Through meticulous processes, sound exploration, and intentional placement, Clark invites viewers to engage with their senses and experience a profound sense of ease and presence.

Clark’s sculptures, including large cedar domes, are strategically positioned to enhance specific sounds. Original percussive audio compositions bring these wooden sculptures to life, revealing their sonic capabilities and inviting visitors to explore the connection between their senses and the environment.

Two men building a cedar dome for an art installation.

Drawing inspiration from his rural life on Vashon Island, Clark incorporates elements of gardening, beekeeping, and working with local farmers into his artwork. Alongside the cedar domes, large textile works made of wool batting add depth to the exhibition. A suspended wool sculpture and a cedar tunnel disrupt viewers’ perspectives, encouraging a shift in perception.

Collaborating with sound artist Rose Martin, Clark adds layers of sound through field recordings and close-mic sampling. Martin’s contributions complement the sculptural elements, deepening the sensory experience for visitors and connecting somatic awareness with therapeutic healing practices.

(In)Form emerges from Clark’s desire to create contemplative space in the face of societal and environmental traumas. Through meticulous craftsmanship, he encourages viewers to engage with their bodies and surroundings, fostering mindfulness, patience, and a sense of ease.

Nate Clark’s (In)Form exhibition at MadArt offers an immersive journey of mindfulness through cedar and wool sculptures. By integrating sound, material processes, and intentional placement, Clark invites viewers to explore their senses and embrace a heightened sense of presence. The exhibition celebrates the talent of local artists while reminding us of art’s power to connect, heal, and inspire contemplation.

(In)Form opens on June 24 and will run from June 27­ through July 29. The exhibition will close with a sound performance on Saturday, July 29 at noon. Check out Nate Clark’s Instagram for more of his work.

Story by Ethan Chung & photographs by James Harnois / courtesy MadArt Seattle.

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