April 22

Gear Check

A new source for quality, used gear is open in SLU.

Ever feel like your closet or garage is overflowing with outdoor gear, but you still don’t have every little thing you need for your next great adventure? Gearhouse attempts to solve that and a few other problems.

Founder Evan Maynard, who opened the Gearhouse in September 2021, describes it as “your best gearhead’s garage.” It’s tucked away in an alley at 434 Yale Avenue North and features 1800 square feet, a third of which is garage workspace, the rest a social space with a bar.

People at a outdoor adventure gear event.

“We are huge gear heads, but we recognize that not everyone is. So we like to provide opinionated information about what you should carry,” Evan says.

Here are the problems that Gearhouse is attempting to fix, according to Evan:

  1. Access to gear. “It’s expensive, you don’t want to invest in it when you get started, so you end up investing in cheap versions of it,” Evan says.
  2. It’s easy to run of space in Seattle. Gear like back country skis, mountain bikes, and standup paddleboards can be too big for city spaces, so why not rent them when you need them and leave the storage up to someone else?
  3. Thawing the Seattle Freeze. Gearhouse is a place to meet new adventure friends.

Gearhouse is a reimagined rental experience. It offers a $20 per month membership that gets you access to the clubhouse, ability to book events and trips, discounts with partner businesses, and more. This membership allows you to check out Tier 1 gear (think snowshoes, car camping essentials, mountaineering gear, stand-up paddleboards). A $60 per month membership includes everything from the $20 level, plus the ability to check out items from Gearhouse’s Tier 2 equipment list (backpacking kits, kayaks, and more).

According to Evan, one of the best perks at Gearhouse is its return policy — a six-day rental experience with flexible pick up and drop off times so you don’t have to worry about rushing your gear back after an adventure.

“There is nothing you should need after you’re at Gearhouse. It’s a one-stop shop where you’ll find knowledge, gear, and new friends,” he says.

Don’t miss out on Gearhouse’s amazing list of events. There are regular run clubs every Tuesday, members-only climb nights, plus special events like bike maintenance clinics, Absolute Basics of Backpacking, foraging classes, and more.

Story by Ethan Chung & photographs by Mike Quinlan & courtesy GearHouse Seattle.

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