July 9

Free Wheeling

Bike (or skate) your way through South Lake Union.

This fall marks the 5-year anniversary of the opening of the Westlake Protected Bike Lane. The 1.2-mile paved trail stretches from South Lake Union to the Fremont Bridge. The lane has become a heavy bike commuter route over the years, and serves as path for recreational riders, too.

Are you looking to join in the two-wheeled fun? Or perhaps you’re looking to ditch the car and opt for a more environmentally friendly mode of travel. The City of Seattle has excellent resources for bike riders, including programs, maps, and more. Plus, the SLU neighborhood has its own bike shops to help fulfill your need for two-wheel speed. Check out some options below:


New to SLU, this showroom at The Regrade features a selection of next-gen e-bikes featuring 250w motors with four power levels, a range of 37-93 miles, a 504 Wh battery, and several security features and accessories. You can sign up to test rides a VanMoof e-bike by appointment only, and the friendly is happy to give you all the details you need in the showroom. General manager Madden Coghlan said that VanMoof recently launched a payment plan for its bikes that start at $83 a month. VanMoof is open daily from 11am to 7pm every day. vanmoof.com/en-US/stores/seattle

In store display of a black electric bike.


For a more traditional pedal power experience, check out Velo on Sixth Avenue. The one-stop bike shop sells bikes and accessories and offers service for all types of bikes (including electric). You can even rent a bike here. Velo has a deeply rooted history in Seattle going back to 1968 when is started by Glenn Tamura as a rental business offering bikes for people to explore UW, the Arboretum, and Lake Washington. The family business spans four generations, and as the city’s bike culture continues to grow, Velo remains dedicated to cyclists of all ages and abilities. velobikeshop.com

Bonus Wheels: Shop / Task

Did you know there’s an inline skate shop in SLU? Shop / Task. If rollerblading is your thing, or if you want to learn more about the free-wheeling activity, hit up Shop / Task. The shop has a variety of skates on offer, including a selection of aggressive skates for those who are more into tricks like grinds and jumps. Visit the Shop / Task to chat with a friendly employee about skate options, fittings, and lessons. usa.shop-task.com

Story by Ethan Chung & photography by Ethan Chung & courtesy of VanMoof.

At The Center

SLU is the geographical center of Seattle