December 2

Delightful Dumplings

Kathmandu MoMoCha opens up in South Lake Union.

The world needs more dumplings. Thankfully Kathmandu MoMoCha is here for you. The popular Seattle food truck, known for its momochas (or momos), has opened up in SLU and is serving its tasty Nepalese momos alongside a variety of other street food from the Himalayan region.

The new brick and mortar location at 520 Terry Avenue North is cozy, with Tibetan art on its walls and six tables lining up against skinny window that peeks into the kitchen. The service is friendly, and if you’ve never eaten these delightful Nepalese dumplings, or any of the food from this region for that matter, ask questions. You’ll get eager answers pointing you in the right direction for the flavor you’re seeking.

Inside of a Nepalese restaurant with blue walls.

For starters, you’ll find delectable, thick fries that are seasoned in spices overnight, then battered and fried. They also have pakoras, which are vegetarian fritters. These are made with garbanzo flour and are gluten free. But don’t miss the cheese balls. These fried concoctions are a mix of potato, mild cheddar, Himalayan herbs, and they are delightful.

Plate of Nepalese potato dumplings.

Now to the dumplings. Kathmandu MoMoCha serves four different types of momos — chicken, pork, beef and jack cheese, and vegan. The vegan momos are made with a spinach wrapper and filled with locally grown seasonal veggies, garbanzo, green onion, and herbs. According to staff, the chicken momos are most popular. Additional menu items include curries, fried rice, and lentil soup.

One of the wonderful things about the brick-and-mortar spot is its large freezer full of frozen dumplings and other tasty treats that you can take home with you. You can order bags of 15 or 30 frozen momos, plus 16-ounce containers of curries (beef and potato, pork and daikon, chicken and bell pepper, and garbanzo and potato.

Freezer full of frozen Nepalese dumpling varieties.

Kathmandu MoMoCha is open daily from 11am to 3pm and 5pm to 9pm.

Story & Photos by Ethan Chung.

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