May 26

Coming Soon: StretchLab

This new wellness studio is offering pop-ups throughout the city.

Set to open this August at 1168 Republican Street, StretchLab offers specialized one-on-one assisted stretching with a flexologist. According to GM Haneen Alaboudi, these professionals have more than 120 hours in stretch training and have a deep understanding of the human muscular system with backgrounds ranging from massage therapy and physical therapy to yoga.

“We help people of all ages, from all walks of life feel their best. Some people have stretching as their daily routine, others are looking for more flexibility for sports or to address joint pain. Our care is super specific to each individual,” said Alaboudi.

people stretching

During a patient’s first visit, they’re scanned with a MAPS (Mobility, Activation, Posture, Symmetry) machine. The revolutionary 3D body scanning tool provides your flexologist with information on how well your body is moving. The results help create a personalized stretch routine fit for your body’s needs. Patients can choose a 25- or 50-minute stretch session. Each session takes place on a specially designed bench that’s built for two people — yes, your flexologist will be in your personal bubble.

StretchLab has been hosting pop-ups around the city in anticipation of its opening in early August. Alaboudi said flexologists have provided demonstrations at several apartment buildings in SLU and StretchLab has partnered with local fitness studios, too. You can sign up for a free 15-minute demo at SLU locations like CycleBar, Barry’s, and Row House. Check out StretchLab’s Calendly offerings here.

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Story by Ethan Chung and photos courtesy of StretchLab

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