May 27

Beyond Coffee

Don't miss these three South Lake Union cafes that offer more than a great cup.

It’s fine to be picky when it comes to your Seattle coffee spots — there are plenty of them to go around. The joke that there’s a coffee shop here on every corner doesn’t really get old because it’s mostly true.

South Lake Union is home to plenty of great caffeination stations. And they’re not just serving up coffee. These local cafes offer up delectable sweets, savory bites, and full meal experiences.

Café Hagen

Looking for some hygge? This Scandinavian coffee shop brings the cozy. Café Hagen is a relaxing place to enjoy specialty coffee and an excellent food menu. On weekdays, you can order seasonal jam waffles, breakfast sandwiches served on pillowy house-baked brioche buns, and more. The real story here is Café Hagen’s weekend specials. The brunch (served Saturday and Sunday 8am to 3pm) features your choice of smoked bacon, Uli’s sausage, or mushrooms served with scrambled eggs, a Danish heart waffle with seasonal jam and whipped cream, craft cheeses, avocado, and house baked bread and butter. Whoa. 1252 Thomas St.,

Selection of brunch foods like eggs, waffles, orange juice, etc.

Image of a coffee cup, coffee press, and package of coffee from Cafe Hagen.

Café An’Clair

Neighborhood favorite Café An’Clair is a family business is named after a pair of sisters, Claire and Anthea. This charming coffee shop features a daily menu featuring financiers and scones, plus the occasional pudding selection (banana, Oreo, matcha, and banana Nutella). You can find freshly made sweet treats here daily but mark your calendars during holidays like Valentine’s Day and Christmas for special seasonal bites. 826 Thomas St.

A box of coconut macarons.

Fresh Flours

Onda Origins, a mission-driven specialty coffee roaster in Southeast Seattle, took over operations at Fresh Flours at the end of 2021. This new coffee direction has been lauded by customers, but its popular pastry program hasn’t changed. Fresh Flour is known for delectable Japanese inspired pastries like azuki red bean croissants, green tea muffins, tea cookies, and more. 432 Eighth Ave. N.,  

Story by Ethan Chung & photography courtesy of courtesy Café Hagen, Café An’Clair, & Fresh Flours.

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