moo bar jars

Welcome to The Moo Bar, where love for pets, artistry, and sustainability converge in every bubble tea experience.

Meet our owner, Vivienne, a passionate pet lover and an artist, who found a unique way to honor her beloved dogs. After they crossed the rainbow bridge, Vivienne transformed her grief into creativity by immortalizing her furry companions in beautiful illustrations adorning our glass bubble tea bottles.

At The Moo Bar, we’re dedicated to more than just serving refreshing beverages. We’ve made a conscious choice to reduce plastic waste by embracing eco-friendly glass bottles. What’s even better? Return your empty bottle, and we’ll happily refill it at a discount, encouraging a cycle of sustainability.

But the story doesn’t end there. Our bottles are not just vessels for delicious drinks; they’re canvases for your creativity. Take them home and explore endless possibilities – from canning your favorite jams to using them as charming decorations. Each bottle has a second life, minimizing its environmental impact and maximizing its potential.

Join us in sipping with a purpose. The Moo Bar invites you to be a part of our eco-conscious community, where every sip, every refill, and every artistic endeavor contributes to a greener, more compassionate world. Cheers to saving the planet, one paw print at a time.