Interior view of a Mediterrean restaurant.

Middle Eastern cooking served in a tapestry-draped space with weekly belly-dancing shows.

When looking for a unique experience to enjoy with friends and family look no further than Petra Bistro. The warmth and Welcoming dining area and lounge offers your party the perfect atmosphere to dine and catch up with each other, creating wonderful memories. Petra brings the universally-loved flavors of the Mediterranean that have been enjoyed at celebrations over the centuries to Seattle. Gorgeous platters and bowls of mouth-watering dishes will take you on a journey that stretches from Jordan and Lebanon, to Greece, to the Northern shores of Africa, with an extensive variety of authentic dishes and house specialties.

At Petra Bistro our main objective is to provide our guests with delicious authentic cuisines, lifting the veil on ancient flavors and spices, so our guests may have the full experience of history, culture and tasty food. Our elegant décor and ambience strike a harmonious chord between modern sensibilities and the timeless splendor of the historical rose city that lends the restaurant its name. The owner and co-founder of Petra Bistro, Chef Khal Beleh is a longtime owner and operator of Mediterranean Restaurants. Khal was born and raised in Amman, Jordan. Petra Bistro Journey in Seattle started on August 15th 2009.