Kati Vegan Thai

Modern flavors. Traditional methods.

Kati — ‘coconut milk’ in Thai — emphasizes traditional cooking techniques and harmonious flavors to create fresh, unique takes on new and existing recipes you won’t find anywhere else.

“Make it easy,” she said.

To an observer, throwing chopped veggies into a red hot wok exploding into flames while delicately wrapping a banana leaf steamed curry could be called anything but ‘easy’. But Khun Mae made it look effortless. Elegant, even. After the aromatic crackle and sizzle, the results were delicious every single time.

Like her mother, Fon started Kati with the same outlook on food and life. It’s an instinct gained from family tradition and technique, shared by Grandma Khun Yai, Khun Ta, and the many generations before them. The local flavors of her coastal hometown Bang Phra, a quaint hamlet 5 minutes away from bustling Sriracha, also play a big part in influencing Kati Vegan Thai’s flavors stateside.

Making it ‘easy’ is keeping things simple, getting it right, and doing it fast. It’s about picking the best ingredients at the open air market every afternoon. It is trusting in technique over ‘secret sauces’. It’s about channeling natural flavor combinations instead of eclectic fusions and rare ingredients from afar. Says Fon, “Perfect does not have to be complicated!”

Kati strives to be a restaurant you can trust

We believe in honesty and respect for ourselves and our customers. Kati specializes in healthful and flavorful cuisine made with plant-based ingredients. We choose fresh ingredients with only as much cooking oil as needed. We also want to live in a clean and sustainable world, and choose biodegradable products.

It is our pleasure to share these values with you:

  • No artificial flavoring or processed ingredients
  • No MSG or flavor enhancers
  • No GMO or hydrogenated cooking oils EVER
  • Fresh, local non-GMO tofu
  • Organic and local produce when possible
  • Biodegradable bags, boxes and utensils