colorful dumplings and fried foods

We are a restaurant and food truck that serves the best Nepalese street food and Himalayan dumplings in Seattle. Everything is made from scratch with fresh local ingredients.

About Kathmandu MoMoCha

Kathmandu MoMoCha started in 2017 by Suroj (Sam) and Mandy. After relocating to Seattle from Nepal, they looked all over for food that had the flavors of their home. Not finding anything, they decided to make it themselves. Wanting to bring the taste of Nepal to the people of Seattle directly, they started pop up kitchens at Farmer’s Markets and Breweries around the city and eventually introduced their Food Truck at popular events.

While they are passionate about their food – their true passion comes from introducing Nepal and Kathmandu culture to the people of Seattle. They are members of the Seattle Chapter of the Newah Organization of America (Sam served as president for a few years), and loves introducing Nepalese food and flavors to first time customers.

Kathmandu MoMoCha is a family business. Sam and Mandy spend their days working and even the whole family pitches in to handmake all the dumplings and appetizers from scratch.

About the MoMoCha

Momocha or Momos are a type of dumpling popular in Nepal, Tibet and other regions bordering the Himalayan Mountains. They have a variety of flavors and are can be found in both restaurants and in street vendor stalls.

Momos are made with a simple flour and water dough that is rolled into thin circles. A mixture of either ground meats, vegetables, tofu or paneer is used as filling. The dough is then pinched together in either in a round pocket or a half moon shape. Momocha are traditionally steamed to cook, but sometimes pan fried or deep fried.

At Kathmandu Momocha, our dumplings are colored with natural dyes to help distinguish the different flavors.