Kakao entrance

Airy and spacious, with an eclectic mix of furniture, Kakáo invites you to slip away from your daily routine, relax with friends or hold an off-site meeting in a thought-provoking place.

Kakáo features a tantalizing – we think irresistible – selection of chocolates from around the world.

Sourced in Madagascar, the Americas and elsewhere, and then skillfully crafted by talented artisans to deliver a rewarding taste experience for chocolate lovers of all kinds.

Choose among bean-to-bar offerings, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, infusions. And we can assist with your selection.

Kakáo proudly serves Herkimer Coffee, blended and roasted in Phinney Ridge. Herkimer directly sources premium green coffees from small farms where no pesticides or fertilizers are used. Coffees grown in this manner command a premium price, which supports good wages, good workers, and good working conditions at the farms.

We’re also pleased to serve a selection of fresh, artisan-quality teas from Miro Tea in Ballard. Miro carefully sources teas that are representative of their respective varieties in taste, appearance and quality. Our offering of more than a dozen teas includes black, green, decaffeinated, Rooibus and more.