coffee and pastries

Breakfast pastries, Japanese fusion, small treats, coffee, and tea.

The story of Fresh Flours began with a dream and two business partners, Keiji and Etsuko.

Born and grew up in Tokyo, spent countless years of schooling in Pittsburg and Washington DC, Keiji has taken a keen interest in the world of baking over the years.

He took his first baking job at a busy bakery in East Village, NYC.  With a passion for developing own unique recipe, Keiji decided to move out of the big city to start his baking business.  Etsuko, with a vision of evolving Japanese influenced pastries, quickly joined.  Along with their two dogs, they drove yellow Penske truck 3000 miles cross-country and landed in Seattle in September 2000.

For months, Keiji designed menu offerings from Japanese culture, and Etsuko mapped out the business plan. Their dream came true in July 2005 — to have a place to experience all the pleasures that the finest pastries can bring – only the extraordinary pastries they love.