denny substation entrance and quote

The Denny Substation is an electrical substation located in the South Lake Union and operated by Seattle City Light.

The Denny Substation, energized in May 2018, is a long-term asset for City Light’s entire system, providing reliability and flexibility through the ability to back up adjacent substations. It was designed to last 50-100 years with the capacity to accommodate future needs in this neighborhood and beyond. Denny Substation is located on Denny Way between Minor Ave. N and Yale Ave. N.

Seattle City Light’s first new substation in 30 years, Denny Substation is a unique example of innovative infrastructure built in the middle of an ever-evolving, dense and diverse neighborhood, and designed with those neighbors in mind. City Light worked with the community to design the Denny Substation to fit the neighborhood’s character, provide needed community amenities and serve as a model for environmental sustainability.