Cascade Playground

In the heart of Seattle

Beautiful park, play field and playground in the heart of Seattle. Two play areas, a wide field, a picnic table and restrooms. The park is adjacent to an active community p-patch.

Cascade Playground was purchased in the 1926. The site was selected as a result of a massive community petition for “Pontius Playground” near Cascade School (now a warehouse). Cascade Playground enhancements were included in the Pro Park Levy. Play area, field and entrance improvements were unveiled in 2005.

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Lake Union Park

Lake Union Park is just a 20 minute walk or 13 minute streetcar ride from Downtown. Stroll through our waterfront park and stop for coffee or a glass of wine at Compass Cafe. Sign up for a class, hop on a boat or take a moment to sit by the water and catch your breath.

Denny Park

Seattle’s oldest park, Denny Park features broad pathways leading to a central circle, a small playground and an off-leash dog park. Parks Department offices are at the west end of the park.