Unpretentious coffeehouse with an espresso bar & a slow bar for comparing single-origin beans.

Come experience for yourself the excitement and passion that makes us one of Seattle’s oldest specialty coffee roasters, meet our dedicated team of baristas, and taste some of the finest coffee in Seattle.

Seattle Coffee Works is a place to experience and experiment with coffee in its richly diverse forms and varieties. Wine connoisseurs have tasting rooms; beer aficionados have brewery tap rooms; fine dining enthusiasts have five-star restaurants. Our goal is to create a dedicated tasting space for specialty coffee. All of our locations commit unrelentingly to making coffee better and providing resources to help our customers make and explore better coffee.

At our Espresso Bar, you can order espresso beverages made by our expert baristas from either our award winning Seattle Space blend or a rotating single-origin option. We also offer freshly brewed drip coffee, cold brew, and teas.

The Slow Bar is a place to explore our passion for manual brewed coffee and deepen your sense of discovery. We have set out to make coffee tasting an intriguing and dignified experience. You’ll know you have arrived at the Slow Bar when you see a variety of manual brewing equipment and a quality selection of unique single-origin coffees from most coffee-growing regions around the world. Our Slow Bar is what makes us unique in the world of coffee. It’s part ritual, part playground and part science lab.