Plate of vegetarian Kimchi fried rice.

Ba Bar Green is a Vegan/East Asian culinary adventure from the folks who brought you Street Food & Cold Drink. While we will certainly appeal to vegans and vegetarians across the board, we also hope to capture the interest of anyone who is curious about plant-based cuisine in general—people who want to eat less meat but aren’t as strict with their diets. Bottom line, this is just good food. The fact that the menu is entirely plant-based is just icing on the gluten-free cake.

Join the Banhs and Chef Chris Michel as they explore the flavors or Vietnam, China, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and more. Entirely vegan. Incredibly delicious.

Takeout window open Tuesday through Saturday from 10AM to 6PM. You can enjoy Ba Bar Green at home, the office, or have a seat on our patio in the warmer months. If you are inclined to enjoy an adult beverage, feel free to take your meal inside Ba Bar South Lake Union—we might recommend a Moscow Mule.