While most of us grew up with a bedtime story every night of our childhood, chances are you’ve never really stopped to analyze the contents and structure of great storytelling. So, in this workshop, we’ll start there, taking you through the classic principles of a well-told tale. Then we’ll enjoy a mini-film festival of corporate and web videos where the story is central. Inspired, we’ll then take some real assignments, do some creative thinking, and map out storyboards to bring these topics to life via stories. We’ll also plan on covering these topics during our day together:

  • A brief history of storytelling, and why humans are so receptive to stories
  • Dramatic structure and the story arc: exposition, climax, and resolution
  • Examples of great storytelling applied to corporate videos and commercials
  • How cinematography, lighting, and sound techniques can enhance your story
  • The sorry statistics on how many viewers get to the end of a web video
  • In-class exercise of applying storytelling technique to an actual corporate video assignment

*Lunch is provided. Hot, cold, gluten free and vegetarian selections available.

Tuition $425; enroll here.